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Privacy Policy for WatchThemLive

Your personal data is COMPLETELY safe with us!

Even if we’re going to share your personal data, it will be as described in this privacy policy.

When you visit or any of its sub-pages, as well as using WathThemLive’s software, some personal data is collected. This privacy policy is about this data. 

To better protect your privacy and the privacy of others who use our Site and Software, we've created this Privacy policy to lay out the terms and conditions under which we collect, use, and disclose the personal data we gathered. 

Personal Data provided to WatchThemLive by visitors to WatchThemLives’s platform is also contained in this section.

Due to updates, we might make some changes in this privacy policy, but we never do it in a way that breaks our promise or harms you in any way. However, we will inform you about these changes via email, and we will also put the latest version of our privacy policy here. If you keep following our website or using our software after the modification, it presents that you have accepted this modified agreement (this includes our Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy).

Information about WatchThemLive 

WatchThemLive is an enterprise based in Canada. Customers of WatchThemLive can now go beyond traditional web analytics and discover what users are actually doing on their WatchThemLive platform thanks to our SaaS-based software.

Personal Data Collected by WatchThemLive

The personal data we gather is based on:

  1. The individual is visiting WatchThemLive’s site 
  2. Or a customer is using our software

The Personal Data Gathered By An Individual Visting WatchThemLive’s Website

Personal data collected by WatchThemLive on our website ( or any of its sub-domains (e.g.,, etc.). 

 Or sub-sites are covered by this section.

Usage Data

When an individual visits WatchThemLive’s website, we store some information such as the website they visited us from, the pages they visit on our website, the time and date they visit, and information about the users' device (e.g., device type, operating system, screen resolution, language, the country you’re located in, web browser type). We use this information to improve our overall performance and to adjust our website to any kind of device.

We keep the IP addresses of people who visit our site for a short time so that we can use them to figure out how well our software works on our site and to look for and fix problems with our software. We will never use these IP addresses for any operational or security reason. These IPs are automatically deleted in thirty (30) calendar days.


Cookies are some files that are created by the website you visit. WatchThemLive uses cookies to collect information such as standard internet log information and information about visitors' behavioral patterns when they visit our website. This is carried out for the following reasons:

  • To run our Website
  • to better serve our site's visitors by giving us information about how they interact with it
  • For marketing purposes

Contact us via email

visitors to our site can use the contact form to ask us questions, and we ask for their contact information so that we can get back to them (e.g., name, email address, etc.). We only use this information to answer the questions you send us.

If a visitor to our site gets an email from us, we may use analytics tools to see things like when the email is opened or when any links or banners in the email are clicked. This information helps us figure out how well our communication and marketing efforts are working, so we can make sure they work.

Personal Data collected from WatchThemLive’s Customers and users

When a customer uses WatchThemLive platform and services, some personal information is collected. 

When someone signs up for an account with WatchThemLive, asks for help from our customer service, or subscribes to our content or special offers, we may ask for more Personal Data. This includes their name, email address, and other information about them or the organization they work for.

As stated in this Privacy Policy, we will only use this Personal Data to provide our software.

When you use our Software on behalf of a WatchThemLive customer who has signed this Agreement with WatchThemLive, the legal ground for us to process your Personal Data is that we have agreed to do so.

Please refer to our Terms of Use for further details on signing up and using the Software offered by WatchThemLive.

We keep the IP addresses of our customers and users of our software for a short time so that we can use them to figure out how well our software works and to look for and fix problems with our software.

These IP addresses will never be used for anything other than operational or security purposes by us. These IP addresses are deleted within 30 calendar days.

At any time, a customer can terminate their WatchThemLive subscription. To comply with legal obligations and to handle customer service issues, we may store Personal Data (in part or whole) associated with the Customer after an account has been deleted. We will permanently delete any additional personal data we have about our customers and users of that WatchThemLive account within thirty (30) calendar days of receiving it.

To develop de-identified and aggregated information and analytics, we may use Personal Data and other Data about our Customers and users (including demographic information, location information, information about the computer or device from which they access our Software). 

It is our policy to only share customer and user information in ways that are permitted by the terms of the agreement and applicable law.

WatchThemLive’s Use of Personal Data

Access and Disclosure to Third Parties 

For technical data analysis, processing, and storage offerings (e.g., IT and related services), er use some external service providers. We choose these devices with much care which meets high data protection and security standards. The sharing process is only about the data that is acquired for the services we offer, and we contract them to protect the confidentiality of the data. Other than the service provider, here are some examples of what the third party may include:

  • Vendors/public institutions. Some services require special expertise such as legal, accounting, or auditing services) and to make use of these services, it’s necessary to share some personal data with vendors who offer these services or public institutions that offer them (e.g., courts).
  • Disclosure in the Event of Merger, Sale, or Other Asset Transfers. Data may be sold or transferred as part of any transaction that we are involved in (such as merger and acquisition; financing due diligence; reorganization; bankruptcy; receivership; asset purchase or sale; or service transition to another provider).

Other than these cases, 

Communication Purposes 

Sometimes we may send emails about updates on our products, legal documents, customer support, or marketing purposes. These emails are sent only if we have obtained consent and are required by applicable law.

Unless we have to send emails required by applicable law(e.g., notification of a data breach), our subscribers are allowed to unsubscribe from receiving this messages free of charges. Do-not-contact lists are processed in accordance with applicable law.

Marketing Purposes 

Sometimes we use personal data gathered by WatchThemLive’s Customers, users, and visitors to our website to target new customers that seem interested or are in the same demographics by advertisements.

We accomplish this through the share of Personal Data with Third-Party marketing platforms that we made sure are have high privacy and confidentiality standards which have gone through WatchThemLive’s lenses of a legal and security review. Doing this, we ensure that the third parties won’t use this personal information other than providing us with the marketing services we contracted them for.

These Third Parties will only have access to your Personal Data via secure and encrypted means. If you wish to opt-out of this process, please email us at

[email protected] with the subject line “Opt-Out of Marketing.”

Compliance and Protection

We may use Personal Data for:

  • Protect the rights of our customers/users, our site’s visitors or third parties, privacy, safety, or property, including by making and defending legal claims
  • audit our internal processes to ensure they comply with applicable legal and contractual requirements, as well as internal policies
  • enforce our Terms of Use
  • to protect, investigate, and deter fraudulent, harmful, unauthorized, unethical, or illegal activities, including cyberattacks and identity theft
  • adhere to applicable law, legitimate requests, and legal processes, such as responding to subpoenas or requests from government authorities


WatchThemLive reserves the right to use and retain data in a de-identified and aggregated form in order to improve our Site and Software and for statistical and benchmarking purposes, including enabling comparisons within the same industry to strengthen the insights gathered from our Site and Software.

Benchmarks analyze all collected metrics and compare them to similar ones. This de-identified and aggregated benchmarks may be published and shared publicly within our Software or as part of other content we publish that includes a summary of results for a specific category or question type.

No information that can be used to identify our customers or their end users will ever be in the statistical or benchmark data.

Other Purposes with Your Consent 

We might ask for your consent for collecting, using, or sharing personal data for other purposes. For example, when required by law, we ask you for your permission to send marketing emails or to post testimonials or endorsements. In such cases, you always have the option to annul consent. 

Duration of Processing

Unless stated in this Privacy Policy or on our Pricing Page, we will retain Personal Data for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purpose(s) for which it was collected or to provide our Software, resolve disputes, establish legal defenses, conduct audits, pursue legitimate business purposes, and enforce our Agreement. Furthermore, we may retain information as required by applicable law.

International Transfers of Personal Data

Except for some limited occasions, the personal data we gather is kept in EU. in other cases, customer information or other personal data(e.g., email) may be transferred outside of the EU. the data protection law in these countries may be wary from others. WatchThemLive tries to ensure that adequate safeguards are in place to ensure that Personal Data is secured as much as possible.

Children’s Information

WatchThemLive's Software is not directed towards minors under the age of 13 (or any other age required by applicable law), and we do not knowingly collect Personal Data from them. However, if you ever find out that your children gave us access to personal information without your consent, you can contact us via our contact details( add contact details here). If we realize that we gathered children’s information that contravenes applicable law, we will immediately investigate, delete the information, and terminate the child's account. We also will take measures not to let this happen again.

Rights over Personal Data

As a customer or user of WatchThemLive's software, you are permitted to access and to be informed about what Personal Data is processed by WatchThemLive, a right to rectification/correction, erasure/anonymization, and restriction of processing (subject to certain exceptions and other requirements prescribed by law). The right to a structured, common, and machine-readable version of the Personal Data you provided to WatchThemLive is also given to you.

You can withdraw from your consent at all times without affecting the legality of the processing previous to the withdrawal. Withdrawing consent can negatively affect the quality of our website and software, and you are acknowledging it. Please keep in mind that we might delete the data which we previously gathered based on your consent and will not be allowed to keep it further. This means you also will not have access to this data or download and secure it. 

Moreover, you have the right to file a complaint with the data protection authority in your region.

To preserve your privacy, we verify your identity prior to submitting your request. We can identify you solely by your email address, and we can execute your request and reveal information if we have Personal Data about you from communicating directly with us and from your use of our Site and Software.

If you are located in California:

This section relates solely to our processing of Personal Data as a "business" defined by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

The CCPA enables California citizens the right to know what kind of Personal Data  WatchThemLive has gathered about them and whether WatchThemLive has exposed that Personal Data for a business purpose (e.g., to a service provider) in the past 12 months.

If you are a resident of California and wish to exercise any of your CCPA rights, please contact us at [email protected]. We will comply with the recording to applicable laws in fulfilling your request.

Sales of Personal Information Under the CCPA. According to the CCPA, WatchThemLive will not sell personal data, nor do we have actual knowledge of any "sale" of Personal Data of minors under the age of 16.

Non-Discrimination. California citizens are able to practice the laws granted to them by the CCPA.

Authorized Agent. Under the CCPA, only you or someone legally authorized to act on your behalf may make a verifiable consumer request. You may also make a verifiable consumer request on behalf of your minor child, if applicable. Please contact us at [email protected] to designate an authorized agent.

Verification. For protecting your privacy, before fulfilling any consumer request under the CCPA, we will take steps to verify your identity. When making a request, we ask some questions to gather some adequate information to justifiably verify you are the person we obtained Personal Data from or an authorized representative. This may include your email address. 

If you are located in Brazil:

This section relates solely to our processing of Personal Data under the Brazilian Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD). 

Additional rights to what we highlighted about your rights also include:

  • access your Personal Data processed by WatchThemLive;
  • Unless prohibited by law, you have the right to request information about the public and private entities with which we have shared your Personal Data;
  • oppose to the processing carried out; and 
  • get information regarding the possibility of denying your permission and the consequences of doing that

If you are a resident of Brazil and wish to exercise any of your LGPDrights, please contact us at [email protected]. We will comply with the recording to applicable laws in fulfilling your request.

Personal Data collected from a visitor of a WatchThemLive platform

This section relates to Personal Data sent to WatchThemLive from our Customers about visitors to their site using our Software (i.e., a WatchThemLive platform).

When an end-user accesses a WatchThemLive Enabled Site, the privacy policies of the WatchThemLive Enabled Site will determine the gathering of Personal Data, not this Privacy Policy.

This section should always be read in connection with the WatchThemLive platform's specific privacy policy, which will contain additional information about the WatchThemLive platform's use of your Personal Data.

When making use of our Software, our Customers are bound by our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. You can get more information about WatchThemLive by visiting

If you visit WatchThemLive platform, WatchThemLive may temporarily process your IP address in order to ensure the smooth operation of our service and to improve the quality of our Software. Any IP addresses we process are solely used for associated performance metrics (i.e., data about how well our Software operates on WatchThemLive platform) and monitor and track any error the application may have. To do this, we may temporarily store your IP address with WatchThemLive's Sub-Processors, who are bound by strict confidentiality obligations and will only process according to our instructions. Unless there is a security need, we will never access these IP addresses.  These IPs are automatically deleted in thirty (30) calendar days.

Some WatchThemLive Customers may be able to combine Data gathered via our Software with other end-user data in their possession (e.g., their customer information).

Depending on your web browser, you may be able to prevent WatchThemLive from collecting Data when you visit a WatchThemLive Enabled Site.

Please be aware that we are unable to respond to requests from end-users of WatchThemLive Enabled Sites related to Their Personal Data, including requests to provide, rectify, or remove end-user Personal Data. Any requests for Customer Personal Data from end-users of WatchThemLive Enabled Sites should be addressed to the relevant WatchThemLive Customer.

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